East-Central Florida Weather

East-Central Florida Weather

Weather Station Located within River Grove, S. Merritt Island, Florida

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Note:  The computer hosting the weather station and uploading of data has crashed which is why the weather station information is not updating. In my little spare time, I am working on restoring this (no ETA). Also, the outdoor humidity sensor on the station has failed and I will see about replacing that at some point.


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Weather Station Info - Last Update: - ...Note -  Records date back to 12/31/2004

Today's High Temp

�F at

Today's Low Temp

�F at Yest. High Temp �F at Yest. Low Temp �F at
Monthly High Temp �F on day Monthly Low Temp �F on day All Time High Temp �F All Time Low Temp �F
Today's Rainfall in Rain Last Hour in Time of Last Rainfall Yest. Rainfall in
Days without Rain Weekly Rainfall in Monthly Rainfall in Yearly Rainfall in
Today's Max Wind mph Max Gust Yest. Monthly High Wind mph All Time High Wind mph
Monthly High Baro. in Monthly Low Baro. in All Time High Baro. in All Time Low Baro. in
Today's Sunrise Today's Sunset Today's Moonrise Today's Moonset

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Florida Satellite Info.

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Zoomed Florida Visible Image - Loop                                                        Florida IR Satellite Image                                                                        Florida Visible Satellite Image

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Local Storm Info. - Brevard County, Florida

Brevard County Storm Surge Map (Zoom in)                                                          Central FL Storm Surge Atlas                                                                 Cocoa Beach and Merritt Island Hurricane History

River Grove Storm Surge Map  Red = Cat  5, Yellow Cat 3                                   Florida Emergency Management                                                           Brevard County Emergency Management

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Our Weather Data Uploaded to Weather Underground                                        Our Weather Data  Sent to APRSWXNET                                             NOAA MESONET Web Page (our data is listed)

AnythingWeather-Our Station is Listed

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